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Yes I agree- It's never enough

Marketeers love Data - So do we

The AutheosPlayer™ provides meaningfull data and even makes your website load faster then any other player - even Youtube or vimeo.

We are the only video player not directly linked to stupid video urls

Your videos are stored off-site in a separate CDN and linked using a 13 digit number. In your own dashboard you add videos to this number and can control what video when to play.

“This opens up a lot of possibilities you do not have anywhere else” 

Did you know?
"For 10 years 90% of webshop visitors engage with our intelligent video-player"

With a market share of 70% we were proud to serve the biggest webshops like, Wehkamp, Blokker, Mediamarkt, Intertoys, Kieskeurig and many more.

"It just works and save us time"

Marketing Manager at

Highly secure Digital Asset Management Solution

You get to choose - when - how - who - can play your video library.

Some of the brands we work for

"Everything you need is included"

Maximum Results?

A lightning fast player and showing videos on a page-by-page basis will get you so far. When you have lots of videos, a distributed audience, what you then need is a distribution proces, a special system that gets you videos from A to B fast - and get maximum results in the process. That's where the difference Phases come in.

Phase 1

You can benefit from our lightning fast player without these Phases. But when you are ready you enter our Phase 1 program - Here you can also store, tag and organize your videos on our advanced and highly secure video DAM (Digital Asset Management) platform. But in addition with just two lines Javascript all your videos will automatically be distributed from your Video DAM to every page without any effort on your side.

Phase 2

This is where you extend your reach and invite your resellers, partners, distributors, blogs or any websites worldwide to connect. All your videos will now automatically be distributed from your Video DAM to all webpages worldwide.

Phase 3

This is where we analyze. Applying AI techniques to identify patterns and predict successful behaviors so you can best fit your videos to your audience needs.

Phase 4

This is where the magic happens. Machine learning algorithms empower a personalized video experience for your audience, and stronger retargeting signals to improve your marketing ROI.

Want to turn your investment into actual conversion?

Autheos inputs consumer behavior data and KPI data into its proprietary predictive models. By aggregating performance trends, Autheos delivers insights into the products and categories where video is most important in consumer journey.

Want to benefit
from real insight?

Key learnings will center around categories and products where consumers are most interested in watching video, and where it has the strongest KPI impact (positively or negatively).

"Six-fold checkout boost for Philips’ espresso machine line with Autheos"

“The AutheosPlayer™ Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Maximize Your Video Strategy, Engage With Your Audience, Increase Conversion, Measure Your Results”

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